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Sulitest is mainly available in "Learning Mode" ("The Test") and "Certificate Mode" ("The Certificate").


What type of assessment?

In order to evaluate knowledge, Sulitest is available in "Learning Mode", where users are given the right answers and sources to deepen their learning about Sustainable Development issues. The duration of the session is determined by the examiner and can be extended over several weeks. This mode is also called the "Test".
Sulitest is also available in “Certification Mode” -- also called “The Certificate” --  to allow candidates to take the test within a limited period of time, and to obtain at the end a "Certificate" which can be used to validate a course, ECTS credits or To highlight this knowledge in a Curriculum Vitae.

In addition to these two main modes, Sulitest has also developed two other tools to sensitize, raise awareness and educate on Sustainable Development issues:


  • The "Quiz" mode, is a tool for real-time animation of teams or events on Sustainable Development, allowing RSE managers to organize a game between teams, based on a corpus of 10 questions . The "Quiz" is available via the "Premium" subscription, or separately through an annual subscription.
  • The "Explorer" mode, allows to organize awareness-raising sessions, in the form of an online questionnaire, of 10 questions minimum, resulting from international or local and / or specific corpus. This mode is accessible only via the "Premium" subscription.

The Sulitest platform can also serve as a summative tool for assessing student learning by indicating the average scores obtained by students on each topic. This allows them to have a quantitative feedback in each topic area and to be able to compare themselves to other students in their training, university, country or even internationally. It also allows examiners and institutions to have a global overview at a given time on the sustainability knowledge of a specific population.

The Sulitest platform can also be used as a diagnostic tool to monitor progress (for example, by passing the test in "Learning" mode over a long period of time), and thus to make changes in their pedagogy and design Of their curriculum.

It can also be used in quality processes and for accreditation or reporting purposes.

3 ways to experiment,

2 main tools

Students are registered by their universities, employees by their company and individuals can register by themselves.

How long does a Sulitest session last?   

It takes between 30 and 40 minutes to answer the 30 international questions of the "Learning" or "Certificate" mode (to this is added of course the time spent on the study and analysis of the "feedbacks" given to the questions).

When organizing a "Learning mode" session in a university or a company, the examiner chooses the duration of the session. Some examiners prefer to ask all candidates to take the test at the same time, others choose to give them the opportunity to log in for several weeks. In "Learning" mode, it is possible to exit and resume the test until the session has expired.

For the registration of individuals directly online, the sessions will be pre-programmed for a period of 2 months.

In "Certificate" mode, candidates have 40 minutes to pass the test. The stopwatch begins from the launch of the first question and stops automatically after 40 minutes. It is not possible to stop and resume this type of session.




How does it work ?


  • An organization may register directly on the platform or be registered through an "Authorized Agent". 
  • Examiners are assigned and automatically given authorization codes to access the platform



  • Examiners organize sessions (date, duration and customization) in "Learning" or "Certificate" mode
  • A session code is sent to the candidates identified for the considered Sulitest session. 



  • Once they’ve received a session code, participants can access the Sulitest platform to register and take the test. In "Learning" mode, students are given feedback on their answers as they go along if the examiner has configured the session to do so.




 Individuals & World Citizens

Individuals will soon be able to directly sign up and register to take pre-formatted sessions of the test.

(Following a PWYW (Pay What You Want) fee system)



How to get the results?

  • Candidates receive their individual scores (and a benchmark) at the end of the test in the space « Learn More »
  • Examiners receive their session scores (and a benchmark)
  • Organizational administrators have access to all their organization’s results (and a benchmark)


What will my results look like?


Customize and adapt Sulitest to your organization using "Premium" Access











  • In "Learning" mode, design your own specific module (s), composed of your own questions - adapted to the context or the CSR strategy of your company, your training program or your local context - and add them after the international questions during a Sulitest session.
  • Evaluate the Sustainable Development knowledge of a specific sector or a specific professional field, or the awareness of your corporate strategy on Corporate Responsibility or Sustainable Development.
  • Conduct surveys to obtain data on opinions and attitudes about a particular topic or issue regarding Sustainable Development.
  • Use the "Quiz" mode to animate an event on the theme of Sustainable Development.
  • Raise awareness and initiate all of your teams to the challenges of Sustainable Development by organizing "Explorer" sessions (available only to non-academic organizations).
Anonymous Test Sessions

When creating a Test session, administrators or examiners  can choose to make the test “anonymous”. In this case, only the candidate will have access to his/her individual scores, whereas examiners will only have access to general statistics and data on the cohort as a whole..

When a session is not “anonymous”, the examiner has access to all the data concerning the candidate. The candidate is informed when beginning the test if the session is anonymous or not.


Sulitest takes your privacy seriously.

No personal data obtained for the creation of accounts or taking the test – individual or organizational – will be used without authorization of the person or organization.


No data concerning any organization (academic or corporate) will be shared with anyone but the official administrators or examiners for the organization.

Data shared with researchers will be systematically purged so that organizational and individual identities are protected and kept confidential.

 How much does the access to the Sulitest platform cost?


Tariff grid 2018









Assess your literacy and get recognition

  • (1) Any candidate (student, staff or individual) register and sign a sworn statement.
  • (1') Their university or company might have registered, purchased a voucher, and sent it to the candidate (and his/her colleagues).
  • (2) The candidate uses a school or company voucher or pays the certificate fee.
  • The candidate chooses a date among a list of scheduled sessions.
  • (3) As soon s/he starts the session, there is a limited amount of time to take the certificate; a countdown indicates the remaining time.
  • At the end of the session (or at the end of the countdown), the score is given and the certificate is sent to the candidate's email address.


Any questions?

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