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Our mission is to provide global and locally-relevant tools that are accessible to all users, including higher education institutions, organizations, and companies around the world.  Hence, our wish is to ensure that our best-known tools, the "Test";"Quiz" and "Looping"  remain totally free of charge for all users around the world!


However, in order to ensure the development of the Sulitest project, it is necessary to ensure its profitability. By choosing to buy a Premium Access your institution, organization, or company can contribute to the development of this exciting project. In return, it will be granted immediate access to some additional tools and functionalities such as the Explorer and the Customization feature that can be applied on the “Test“and the “Quiz“. Hence, you will be able to adapt Sulitest to your own specific needs, while supporting this initiative!

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What is it?

Sulitest offers institutions, companies, and organizations a premium customization option that allows them to develop own customized Question Modules. By developing their own questions they are able to taylor each question to their own organizational strategy, their organizational culture, and their sector. 



How can I use it? 

        •  Adapt your questions to the context or the CSR strategy of your company, your training program, or your course at the university
        • Evaluate the Sustainable Development knowledge of your students and your staff in a specific field
        • Use the tools as teaching support for your own course at university (e.g. sustainable finance) 
        • Conduct surveys to obtain data on opinions and attitudes about a particular topic or issue regarding Sustainable Development
        • Create awareness of your sustainability policy at university or in your company


As a Premium member you will also: 
        • Be included in our various communication channels, receive our reports
        • Benefit from close user support
        • Receive various communication tools to facilitate showcasting Sulitest in your organization or institution
        • Get invited to actively contribute to Sulitest’s future
What is it?

The "Explorer" is a discovery tool developed by Sulitest to help raise awareness, assess and improve knowledge, skills and mindset on Sustainable Development. It is used to help elevate the basic concepts and challenges of sustainability and can be taken by anyone – no need to be a specialist in sustainable development! Its short format allows to use the "Explorer" as an introductory tool.  

How can I use it? 

 For organizations and companies, the “Explorer“ is the perfect tool to...

    • Raise awareness, amongst your team, a department, the executive board on basic sustainability concepts
    • Initiate a Sustainable Development Training Programme
    • Engage your staff in your CSR strategy
    • Provide indicators and tangible data to external auditors 


How much does it cost for higher education institutions and for companies/institutions ?




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