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Designed to measure and improve sustainability literacy

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The Test

Test and improve your SD
awareness and knowledge

Multiple Choice Questions
Global & local focus

Covers the whole scope
of sustainability and CSR issues

Fully customizable for your own
organization whatever your industry


The Sulitest is for everyone is the best way to show that you believe the future of the world
is everyone's responsibility and it starts with education.

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For me

I am a student, an employee or just a "citizen". I can...

  • Evaluate my sustainability literacy
  • Learn more about SD and CSR
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For my university

I am a University President, a Dean, a Faculty member, and I want to...

  • Map the sustainability literacy of my incoming student body
  • Raise SD awareness of students, my staff and faculty
  • Assess and improve courses, programs and curriculum
  • Collect data for my research
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For my organization

I am part of a company, institution, or a NGO engaged in SD. For my staff, my members and even my suppliers I want to...

  • Pilote Change
  • Reveal talents
  • Accompany teams
  • Assess progress
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More than 300 contributors
all over the world

Discover the community

How to contribute?

Sulitest is...

  • A non-profit organization supported by entities of the United Nations
  • Designed by and for users
  • Built by academics, corporations and non-profits
  • International contributors' network
  • Scalable and customizable
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